The Great Central American Road Trip(s)

Photos, Videos, and a Narrative Darkly


It's time again for another road trip down the spine of Central America.

Last year the cast of characters were many, and this year they have dwindled to two single individuals.  However, thanks to the wonders of schizophrenia and a profusion of personalities, the two of us might as well be many.

For those of you curious enough and with sufficiently little to do to find yourselves clicking on the links and following the misadventures documented here, we welcome you and because our psychotherapists offer commissions are willing to direct you to professional help.

So, relax, pop the corn, squeeze the toad, fondle the velvet, surf the light, and in the privacy of your own company fan the fandango.  Fasten your seat belts and attach the oxygen mask:

G-CART 2009 is about to take flight . . .

For those of you interested in making a similar trip or need general travel information, you may wish to consult the link below for additional helpful information



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