The Great Central American Road Trip

Photos, Videos, and a Narrative Darkly


The Great Central American Road Trip has concluded.  Today, July 12, 2008, one month to the day after departing, I was the final member (with the arguable exception of wayfaring MarMar) of our celebrated troop to make it back home.  In these pages you will find a pictorial, videographic, and narrative account of our unconventional outing along the length and breadth of the Central American isthmus.  This update concludes the content that will be placed on this web site.  For those that have followed it during its evolution, you will find a few new photos and vids, and some final commentary.  For those that are new to this site, this is the story of our vacation as told by several of us through photos and videos.  The textual narrative is entirely my own, for better or for worse.  Your comments are welcome at  Thank you for your partronage,  Drivemaster.


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